Kecap Manis Marinade

It’s been a little too hot and humid to grill lately but I’ve been doing it every day anyways. Because I’m currently obsessed with kecap manis, I’ve been marinating all sorts of protein in a marinade made with kecap manis, ginger, lime juice and other good stuff. Once the marinated meat hits the grill, you get all sorts of savory sweet scents from the kecap manis and ginger. The lime juice in the marinade adds a type of tang that pairs perfectly with the slightly smoky flavor you get when you grill something. My marinade is pretty simple and versatile so I figured I should share the recipe/idea!


So far I’ve tried it with shrimp, pork, chicken, and beef, but I’m thinking about trying it with tofu tomorrow so it can be vegan friendly.

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This happened at Test Kitchen HQ today!

This happened at Test Kitchen HQ today!

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