Amaretto Waffles

I wanna say these waffles are boozy since there’s booze in it, but I won’t because you can’t really taste it.

Amaretto Waffles | Frites & Fries

The amaretto, an Italian almond-flavored liqueur, adds a subtle, sweet almond scent to the waffles. 

Amaretto Waffles | Frites & Fries

The amaretto brand I used for this recipe is Lazzaroni Amaretto. What’s really interesting about this particular brand is that their liqueur is infused with amaretti cookies. Disaronno, the better publicized and popular liqueur in this category of booze, is actually almond-free and was also misleadingly marketed as amaretto at one point…and it stuck. If you have Disaronno on hand, it probably works just as well. The food blog, Quatro Formaggio, has a great comprehensive post about Amaretti and Amaretto if you want to learn more.

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