Happy Friday

Easter Weekend.

I grew up in a pretty religious and conservative family so Easter was always a big deal. It still is. Now that I’m older and have declared myself agnostic, Easter and Christmas is one of the few times that I will go to church with my family. If I’m in Minnesota though. There’s just something about the family tradition and the ritual that goes along with it: brunch, Easter communion, afternoon tea, crisp white dresses…This year will be a little different however: I’ll be having brunch with my friends with lots and lots of mimosas. Can’t wait!


What are your plans this weekend?


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One of our test kitchen food editors, Mary, created this fresh and delicious spring tart recipe. It’s perfect for Easter, brunch, and Easter brunch!

Taking photos for this recipe was one of the most pleasant/best/fun things I’ve ever done. Here are two photos from the shoot, one unpublished, because I want to show-off…

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