F&F is a personal journal that’s part food blog and part inspiration curation.

Who am I?

I’m Annie. I live in New York City Minneapolis with my adorable dog, Bacon. I used to be married to a chef and I’m known for writing “10 Things They Never Tell You About Marrying a Chef”.

"If tall white hats, muscular forearms, and a way with knives make you tingle, then you may be primed to date a chef….one writer went so far as to marry one."
- New York Magazine’s Grub Street

I’m the editor of a new blog from one of the most famous test kitchens in the country. I have been given the amazing opportunity to do everything I love: write about food, photograph food, and eat. I am also a:

  • Content marketing & communications consultant with a specialty in all things food
  • Freelance foodtographer
  • Occasional writer
  • Tumblr #food editor
  • Self-proclaimed french fry connoisseur
  • Lover of whiskey
  • Coconut hater


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