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Macaroons are the baked but fluffy looking cookies and we usually think of coconut macaroons when we see them. But macarons or French macaroons? Those are the colorful sandwich confections made popular by Fauchon, Pierre Hermé and Ladurée.

I’m not crazy about eating them (although some are pretty delicious). I love looking at them…

Red Williams-Sonoma macarons:

Pink Pierre Hermé macarons from Pierre Hermé Tokyo :

Pumpkin macarons from Bouchon in New York:

This one reminds me grilled cheese. It’s a chai macaron:

Visit Canelle et Vanille for her meyer lemon macaron recipe:

Lemon Blood Orange one from a bakery in Indiana:

Green is for Pistachio:

Macha macaron?? I like how bright the green is:


Baby blue Ladurées:

Pastel purple macaroons from the book, I ♥ Macarons:

Pierre Hermé cassis macaron (via):

I’ve had excellent ones made by Financier (New York), Maison du Chocolat (New York), 15ème Patisserie (Taipei), Payard (it was in New York and it’s closed), and Saisons (Taipei). If you’ve had macarons, do you have a favorite flavor? a favorite place to buy them?

(images via vi.sualize.us)

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