Things I Did This Weekend: Fair’ed Out

Minnesota State Fair 2014 | Frites & Fries

The Minnesota State Fair: a lazily written Haiku.

Deep fried breakfast stick;
Berry beer and others makes
Indigestion, man.

By the way, the deep fried breakfast on a stick (bacon, eggs, french toast, maple syrup…etc.) was actually delicious. As much as I love my fancy pants tasting menus and fancy French food words, I have a soft spot for good old fashioned bad-for-you crap. Especially when it’s on a stick.

Deep Fries Breakfast on a Stick | Frites & Fries

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Things I Did This Weekend: Powderhorn 24

Powderhorn 24 is probably one of the most entertaining community events in Minneapolis. Each [bicycle or unicycle] rider has to complete a special course in the Powderhorn neighborhood of Minneapolis with fun activity-filled “bonus” stops along the way. One of the stops was the face painting activity where everyone had to get their face painted like a KISS member in corpse paint [Edited — it’s pretty obvs that I’m unfamiliar with black metal culture].


I got to take a few portraits for the event and it was pretty damn fun!


Some of my favorite:


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